Theatre Play MIRACULOS THERAPY By Daniel Glattauer Directed by: Dimche Nikolovski

Drama Theatre, Skopje   The size of an intimate relationship between two people is measured by answering the question: Can it survive outside of love? Life is a generator of obstacles that take the relationship in unexpected directions and brings unexpected problems. The way we handle the issues can strengthen but it can also destroy the relationship. During these times the communication is the only non-violent and effective weapon we have. To communicate is the only universal ability of a human being. But, do we really know how to communicate? It seems bluntly obvious and simple, but in a relationship willingly or not it becomes complicated. Sometimes to the extreme.  A conversation can grow to be an argument, the argument can become a conflict, and the conflict becomes war. The problem, instead of being solved- gives birth to another, much larger problem. Why is it important to have conversations? How can we talk so we can help each other? This play looks at the need for pure, honest communication as a condition for a happy relationship. And as we portray that, we are very aware that in the communication evolution, there are still many obstacles to be crossed.     Dimche Nikolovski Born in Bitola in 1978, Dimche Nikolovski finished his high school education in his home town and decided to be a mechanical engineer- but without much success. Thorn between science and the arts, he decides to study directing at the NATFIZ “Krsto Sarafof” in Sofia in the class of prof. Zdravko Mitkov. He is the author of the novel „A game in vastness” and the drama text “The Duke”. He works in the Drama Theatre in Skopje, and some of his directing work includes ”Miraculous Therapy”, “Greta of Faust” by Lutz Hubner for the National Theatre in Bitola,  “Bear” by Chekhov at the Theatre of Comedy in Skopje, and “Snowhite and the seven dwarfs” by Aleksandra Boshkovska for the Drama theatre in Skopje.   Roles: The Therapist: Sonja Stamboldzioska Joana: Rade Vasilev Valentin: Predrag Pavlovski   Dramatourg: Aleksandra Boshkovska Costume designer: Rade Vasilev Author of songs: David Matevski   Not recommended for persons under 12 Duration time: 1h 20 mins