Theatre play “My husband”

In the collection of short stories “My husband”, Rumena Buzharovska creates portraits of different women and connects them by putting their husbands in the centre of their lives and actions. By crafting the characters of her heroines, Rumena bravely challenges the local context, precisely depicting the iconography of the patriarchate that we are all enslaved by. The dynamic of the interpersonal relations is always the same- the man is on the pedestal while the woman remains in the grey zone of existence, barely managing to go about her daily routines and needs without in any way compromising the male position and power. Rumena Buzharovska does not question or criticise the broader context that determines the relationships, actions, and situations that the characters encounter. She vocally protests the patriarchate while admitting that it is our reality and will remain such for a significantly long time. In this socio-political frame in which men seem to be equally uncomfortable, she tells stories about women we all know, women from our closest surrounding and women we can identify with. Jovana Tomic   Jovcana Tomic graduates and earns her post-graduate diploma at the Faculty for dramatic arts in Belgrade at the Department for theatre and radio directing in the class of Alisa Stojanovic. At the Yugoslavian drama theatre, she directs G. E. Lessing’s “Nathan the wise” (2019), and has signed the productions of “The Fire raisers”, “Hillarious darkness” (Attelier 212), “Cabaret Nushic” (Theatre “Zoran Radmilovic”, Zajechar), “Lolita” (Madlenianum), “Barefoot in the park” (Paolo Grassi), “Lysistrata” (National theatre Subotica), “Exodus” (Dragstor 22.44) etc. She has won the prize of Radio Belgrade 2 at the radio drama competition “Neda Depolo”. The play “Movement” brings Jovana Tomic 6 awards at the 65 Sterijino Pozorje Festival.   Dramatourg: Dimitrije Kokanov Costume design: Maja Mirkovic   Roles: Jovana Belovic Sanja Markovic Running time: 1 hour 30 mins without intermission The performance is not suitable for audience under 16 years of age.