“A big scream of Love” – a comedy of characters soaked in romantic love and a happy ending

The Ohrid Summer Festival last night on the stage of the Cultural Center “Grigor Prlichev” brought the theater play “A big scream of Love” based on a text by Josien Balasko, directed by Ljupco Gjorgievski through which two themes flowed, theater and love.

The actors of the National Theater Ohrid actually played a play in a play, acting as a theatrical product is created, from the distribution of roles, through the first rehearsal to the rehearsal with the costumes and the premiere, conveying to the audience the message that art and love, more precisely the beautiful , always wins.
– This is the first time I play in a play with such a concept, which we would say play in a play, and it was very interesting. I always say that the audience is always curious and wants to see what is happening behind the scenes, how the actors literally throw themselves into the fire to create a theatrical product, says the actress Adriana Todoroska who played the role of Zizi Ortega.

The “comedy of characters” was soaked in a love story that ended with a romantic and happy ending.
-Despite these complex times, I think we managed to give the audience of “Ohrid Summer” a beautiful show. In general, the message is that love and art know how to transform even the biggest conflicts into one positive thing, explains the actor Nikola Todoroski who played Igo Martiel, Ortega’s ex-husband.

The actor Goran Stojanoski was the agent Sylvester who lied to the actors on stage, but only for the good of the play, in order to produce a good product with satisfied actors and a satisfied audience.
-In principle, it is good to see that the finished products should not be taken for granted, but as in any other profession, seriously difficult things happen inside in order to get the product. But if you love the job, in the end everything will turn out well, says Stojanoski.

According to the actor Ivica Conev, who played a director in “Scream for Love”, this type of play is a good lesson for the actors because, as he says, they often do not notice what they look like from the side while preparing plays.
– The difference between directors and actors may seem insignificant, but the essence is really big. We tried to play with ourselves and everything that happens in a work process. On the other hand, as interesting for us, so provocative at the same time because very often we do not care how we look from the side, we even go through a work process, adds Conev

The Bitola director Ljupco Gjorgievski, who was among the audience of “Ohrid Summer”, is satisfied with the reactions of the spectators and how the hall breathed during the play.
-This text was written by an actress, director and writer who has written screenplays for a film, which means a top theater master and it seems to me that he has penetrated so deeply into what we do, what is said until the curtain is raised, until the premiere, so that he has made a precise scan of the most important characters who work on the play, the actors, the director, the producer and everyone else, says Gjorgievski.
Yesterday’s theatrical performance of “Ohrid Summer” was organized according to all health protocols for holding events indoors.