“History of Mother fuckers” – satire on civilization and collective consciousness

A witty story that has at its core the man and his community, a kind of satire filled with songs and music prepared last night for the audience of “Ohrid Summer” Bitola National Theater playing the play “History od Mother fuckers”.
The play that was performed on the stage “Dolni Saraj” is based on the text “Coriolanus” by William Shakespeare, and directed by Andras Urban. It starred Nikolce Projcevski, Borce Gjakovski, Ivan Jercic, Sonja Mihajlova, Sandra Gribovska and Viktorija Stepanovska. The costume design was by Blagoja Micevski, the scenography by Valentin Svetozarev, and the music was composed by Irena Popovic.

The director of the Bitola Theater, Ivan Jercic, who was also part of the acting team in the play, said that the actuality of Shakespeare’s “Coriolanus” is still felt in society today.
-Only the skeleton of “Coriolan” was taken and very little of the text itself, and on it Vedrana Bozinovic as a playwright and author of the texts wrote a modern and new story, although the actuality of “Coriolan” is still seen and felt in our society. This is a story that at the same time in a tragic and comic way, emotional and at the same time devoid of any emotion concept, speaks about democracy, about our life, said Jercic.

According to the young and extremely talented actress Sandra Gribovska, the challenge to work on this theater project was great given the long pandemic.
– The themes in the play touch all of us, especially after everything we went through as humanity and as a civilization, and we saw that some things are really eternal. If we do not raise the collective level of consciousness, they may continue to touch us and our future generations. As for working with director Andros, it is always a challenge. We know his directing language, the way he works with the actors, the style, the expression … so I was happy to be back with him after a one-year break on the stage of the home Bitola theater, said Gribovska.

On the stage “Dolni Saraj”, the audience had the opportunity to see one of the doyens of the Macedonian theater, actress Sonja Mihajlova, with the longest theatrical experience among colleagues, who showed incredible energy, although, as he said, the pandemic, like everything else, stopped theatrical activity.
– This was a special way of preparing a play because it happens after a year and a half of inactivity on the stage, so it was initially a re-recognition of the team and between us, and a return to that theatrical creative moment. Luckily, in all this, the director is our well-known Urban, with whom we have worked before, so we managed to find each other and bring this play in such a turbulent time, explained the actress Mihajlova.

The director Andras Urban is well known to the audience from the guest appearances of “Ohrid Summer” and other festivals, but also for his directing at the Bitola National Theater.