Anna Komnena brought great artistic quality in the Vestibule of St. Sophia

The Veles Theater “Dzinot” last night in the Vestibule of St. Sophia impressed the audience with the performance of the play Anna Komnena worked on the same drama text by Sasho Dimoski directed by Nenad Vitanov and Vasil Zafirchev.

The excellent cast, Keti Borisovska, Vasil Zafirchev, Jordan Vitanov, Vesna Dimitrovska Bobevski, Zorica P. Pancic, Zarko Spasovski, Aleksandar Veljanovski, Samoil Stojanovski, Faik Mefailoski, Darijan Petrov, Talia Nastova, Andrej Serafimovski, Maja Lyutkov, Aleksandar Georgiev, Kiril Gravchev, Maria Stefanovska and Rumena Sopova, transferred their creative energy to the audience with which the audience enjoyed the performance despite the cold weather.

The great perfection that brought this complex and very attractive performance is only a confirmation of the quality of the selected drama program of this 57th edition of the festival.

“We saw a visual, dramatic, artistic, musical spectacle. A performance that is adapted to the wonderful ambience of this scene brought great artistic quality, “said selector Ljutkov.

The performance was brought by the personal drama of Byzantine princess Anna Komnena, who although legitimate crown princess, fails to stand at the helm of the empire just because she is a woman. Anna Komnena is not a historical drama nor a drama of history, but a contemporary drama reader who examines the historical context and the phenomenon of power,said the author of the text.

“The play is built on three basic concepts, such as the gender structure of the world, the position of woman in power, and the reexamination of the concept of faith, the position of God, read from all possible perspectives concerning the human being. These three concepts are particularly serious, civilization rests on them, “said the author of the text Dimoski.

The title role in the play Keti Borisovska with the expression of emotions has brought Anna Komnena as the greatest warrior in the struggle for getting things right that follows naturally. Her strongest weapon is that she is an absolute woman.

“And nowadays there are segregations based on gender, and that’s why Anne Komnena’s life story is interesting. Despite the vicissitudes that are occurring in the struggle for the throne, her persecution ultimately succeeds in winning a moral victory, from which comes the main point of the idea that man does not make the position society, but the soul and the heart, “says the director Nenad Vitanov.

The stage design for the play is by Valentin Svetozarev, the costume design by Rade Vasilev, the author’s music by Sashko Kostov, and the video design by Dancho Stefkov.