Arsovski: Ohrid Summer Festival – an everlasting magic

A scene created through music and theatre. A stage for many renowned artists. A confirmation of the high cultural values. Attraction, uniqueness, excitement … Ohrid Summer Festival, the only festival that radiates with magical atmosphere for more than half a century and remains deep in the memories along with special greatness worthy of the high values.

For many years the atmosphere has been created by numerous cultures from all around the world, enriching the spiritual tradition typical for Ohrid and Macedonia. The power and the blend of cultures left a deep imprint in every pore of this ancient city, of this God given land.

This year, the tradition is continued by yet another exciting edition. A true delight for the art lovers placed in the traditional frame from 12 July to 20 August. With great responsibility and commitment, we are maximally devoting ourselves to host many renowned artists and already proven theatres.

As a General Manager of the Festival that cherishes the highest artistic values, I am convinced that we are on the right path to the stars, on a path paved with high art, beauty, energy, emotions…

Ohrid Summer Festival has already proved itself as a renowned European Festival. It is a great honor and privilege to lead an institution that has had 55 successful festival editions, and has listed the best and the most successful world artists. We are thrilled to create many more successful stories written by the spirit and the depth of the music and the creative theatrical performances.