Beautiful program and outstanding Macedonian artists at “Ohrid Summer”

A phenomenal concert with selected works by well-known composers organized the Macedonian violinists Kostadin Bogdanoski and Kliment Todoroski, accompanied by pianists Marija Gjorshevska and Dino Imeri at the Ohrid Summer Festival.

In the crowded church “St. Sophia” where there were numerous foreign visitors, a beautiful and balanced program of various eras and various styles echoed.

– I think it was a program that is not unknown and has great dynamics.
The Sonata One by Schuman is a real dessert for the listener because it requires a very refined style, an ease in playing. We had a composition “From the Fatherland” which in some ways emotionally connects me even the title itself, no matter what the Czech author is, there is something Slavic in it.

Bogdanoski-Gjosevska finished the concert with a wonderful divertiment from Stravinsky, which is like a picture book for the author’s life from his days in Russia to his days in America.

– These folk Russian melodies that can be seen in the divertiment, followed by the Swiss dance, so one impressionism is present in his music, and by the end there were also imprints of jazz and swing like Gershwin.

Through the evening concert of “Ohrid Summer”, Bogdanoski performs in front of the Macedonian audience for the first time in ten years.

Macedonian violinist Kliment Todoroski, who is a native of Ohrid, does not perform for the first time in “Ohrid Summer”. He was part of the festival together with the Macedonian Philharmonic