“Behind the Rainbow” – neo-expressionistic beauty on”Ohrid Summer”

“Behind the Rainbow” is the title of the exhibition of works by Kalina Brajkovska, which was opened last night within the framework of  “Ohrid Summer Festival”.
The exhibition is a thematic continuation of its previous held at the Youth Cultural Center in Skopje titled “Joy of Living”, which included 16 works of oil on canvas.

The non-expressionist style, the strong colors, the expression … are part of the characteristics of the expression of Kalina Brajkovska. She enjoys working on large-sized canvas on which she represents her own “infinity” – her own / our own “eternity.”
-In the new cycle “Behind the Rainbow”, in the works “You Are Real Original”, “All That Are”, “Come Like You”, Queen of the existence “The Power of the Flower” and others, the quest for the idyllic is an integral part of us, it is still confirmed by its way to take the primacy. In addition to our memory, in our code to be covered now and here. The one we are dreaming of with closed eyes today, we can manage to feel it as a reality, says author Brajkovska.

The titles, from the first cycle “Spring Stories”, “Natural Law”, “Mystic of Nature”, “Blooming”, “Love Returns from the South” and others, reveal the conditions that are always born of nature from which part we are all, the cycle of birth and death, fertility, the male and female principle, the joyous celebration of the moment, the tenderness, the magic of existence.
Kalina Brajkovska, graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy at the Department of Art History with archeology with a high average. She lives and works in Skopje, she is engaged in applied art (design) and painting from a young age. She has realized several exhibitions of which the most important are: group exhibition in the gallery of NLB Bank, design of pieces of clothing on the design week in Kurshumli An – Skopje, exhibition in the foyer of MKC Skopje, exhibition of the design fair in Turin (Design of pieces of clothing) , solo exhibition in the Gallery of the Youth Cultural Center – Skopje, solo exhibition in cafe – gallery Concept 37 – Skopje.