Big ovations for the theather play “The Given Name” of the Comedy Theater at “Ohrid Summer Festival”

In the crowded hall at the Culture Center “Grigor Prlicev” last night, within the framework of the drama program of the Ohrid Summer, NU Theater Comedy-Skopje, with the play “The Given Name”, presented real theater enjoyment. The audience, who looks at the play with numerous comic plots in a breath, rewarded the actors with numerous applause.
Atanas Atanasovski (Viktor), Jelena Zugic (Betty), Robert Ristov (Petar), Ilija Ilioski (Toni) and Kristina Lasovska (Ana) fascinated the stage with a great acting game. Their ingenuity, dynamism and comic was only a confirmation of the size of the festival, which for years has been a scene only for the best theater creations.
The theater     play “The Given Name”, written by contemporary French writers, playwrights, directors and producers, Alexander de la Patellier and Matthew Delawort, directed by Nenny Delmestre, presented situations of “unnecessary” disputes in one family, to five childhood friends who together Children.
The action in the play, adapted for a Macedonian modern family, takes place in the apartment of spouses Betty and Petar, where everyday life flows with a “normal” pace of living, until the moment when Betty’s brother, Victor as a future father, solemnly, but “Cunningly” will announce the name of his unborn son. Precisely the lucid procedure of choosing and announcing the famous name leads to misunderstandings in the family, in which the ques- tion of what is acceptable to the child of Victor and Anna led to even greater comic plots. In the play as part of the family are Tony, their childhood friend and Viktor’s wife, Anna.