Bosiljcic: “Ohrid Summer” is my great youthful love

With verses by the world’s greatest authors, with poetry by Serbian poets, but also by Macedonian giants Blaze Koneski and Ante Popovski followed by famous melodies, the great Serbian actor Ivan Bosiljcic last night at the “Ohrid Summer” brought the drama project “Our evening in Ohrid”.

The poetry interpreted by Bosiljcic on the stage “Dolni Saraj” was a one-hour confession of love for life, woman, child, God ….. With the project “Our evening in Ohrid” he confirmed that art is immortal and arouses noble feelings.

-Such projects are extremely accepted by the audience in the region. I have been doing these authoring programs for a decade where I remind people that poetry still exists and that poetry and how vibrant it is in this time of loud music where it is hard to come back again. What is specific about this program is that the audience is always coming back. I see the same people in the audience. People come to Belgrade from all over the region, and I know that people from Serbia were at the Ohrid Summer Festival as well. We traveled to Iceland and found our people there. We did a lot of touring in Canada and Europe and we always had an audience that reacted violently and emotionally. We constantly hear criticism that this time we live in is difficult because there is no content. There is content, and it is up to us artists whether we will offer it to people, says playwright and actor Bosiljcic.

The warm and sensitive poetic expression radiated fluidly around the audience of “Dolni Saraj” which did not hide the excitement from the offered program of “Ohrid Summer” and did not spare the applause.

– This literary evening, which is a drama project, fits perfectly in the classic color of the selection. Although it is literary, people think there will be a monotonous rhythm, without big emotional jumps, but our night in Ohrid was completely the opposite. She brought the excitement of the drama and the quality of a concert with classical music, adds the great theater and film actor Ivan Bosiljcic.

He was accompanied by two outstanding guitar masters, Goran Kovacic, a classical guitar teacher from Belgrade, and Zoran Stojanovic, also a guitar teacher who lived in Portugal for years and played with the biggest fado stars.

-They both brought musical nuances to this program, a classical spirit that corresponds to the other participants from the world of classical music at the festival. Zoran Stojanovic brought us the spirit of Portugal, the open sky and the wide sea that is very reminiscent of Ohrid and the lake, said Bosiljcic who surprised the audience with the excellent performance of several songs, including the famous “My Secret” by Tose Proeski.

He admitted that the Ohrid Summer Festival is his great love from his youth.

– “Ohrid Summer” is my great youthful love. About 15 years ago I was a guest here with the Belgrade Theater of Terazija, the only musical theater in the Balkans where we played the play “Gypsies are flying in the sky” and that year the play brought us victory in the drama category. I remember very well that the meeting with the Macedonian audience in Ohrid and the ambiance of the Ohrid amphitheater was something completely new in my career and left great marks on me. When I returned to the theater, it was as if I was back in a box and I remembered forever the open sky over which I played in Ohrid, recalls Serbian actor .

With his modesty, cordiality, honesty and receptivity, and above all, respect for the audience, Ivan Bosiljcic last night showed that his artistic code on stage is in perfect correlation with his cosmopolitanism. He cordially thanked the director of the Ohrid Summer Festival, Natasa Popovic and the Mayor of the Municipality of Ohrid, Konstantin Georgieski, for, as he said, the warm hospitality, invitation and support. The audience did not get up even after the concert and applauded loudly for the extraordinary evening, wishing it to last for a long time.