“Our evening in Ohrid” with Ivan Bosilcic

“Our Evening in Ohrid” is the title of the program that tonight within the “Ohrid Summer” is carried by the great and renowned playwright and actor Ivan Bosilcic from Serbia.

“Our Evening in Ohrid” is a new program, specially composed for the long-awaited meeting with the audience at the “Ohrid Summer” festival. The lyrics of Baudelaire, Esenin, Blaze Koneski, Ante Popovski, Aleksa Tianti, Milan Rakic will be colored with the guitar vibration of fado-sound, oriental and classical notes. The classical guitar teacher and composer Goran Kovacic will be in charge of that, as well as the maestro Zoran Stojanovic who has been living in Portugal for three decades, from where he brings with him the experience from the performances and collaborations with the fado music star Dulce Pontes.

For more than a decade, Bosiljчиiќ, in addition to his rich theatrical and international film career, has been dedicated to the performance of authorial poetry projects. As a great admirer of Serbian and world literature, he creates and performs intimate theatrical confessions, narrated through the verses of great poets. His performances have been performed with great success in a number of theaters and concert halls throughout the Balkan region – starting from the Belgrade Chamber of Trade Unions and the opera Madlenianum, through the Macedonian Opera and Ballet and the Universal Hall in Skopje, the Novosat National Theater and many others. It is also successfully represented in: Austria, Sweden, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Canada.

The excitement of his performances is a unique combination of drama and concert, a form that is special and rarely seen in our area.

Bosilcic’s program will be held on the stage “Dolni Saraj” starting at 9 p.m.