Cellist Knyazev with an impressive performance of Bach’s retinues

A top aesthetic experience for the audience of “Ohrid Summer” was performed last night by Russian cellist Alexander Knyazev in the cathedral “St. Sophia”. Playing Bach, the charismatic artist who is considered one of the best cellists of his generation, showed that even the harder works of the ingenious Johan Sebastian Bach can make a cozy and relaxed atmosphere through extraordinary and precise musicianship.

The Russian artist last performed the “Ohrid Summer” in 2015, but as he explains, every music performance in the church “St. Sophia” brings new exciting moments.
-I am satisfied with the evening concert, although it is difficult to be completely satisfied. There are always some small details that must be done, but in principle I am satisfied with the performance of the “Ohrid Summer”. The church has many beautiful acoustics, especially for Bach’s works. Feeling at the time when you play in such an old object and it really gave him extra weight at the concert, says the cellist Knyazev.

The impressive performance of the most famous bach instrumental sculptures, as the artist says, were specially selected for the performance of the Ohrid Summer Festival.
-Specially I chose this program for the performance of “Ohrid Summer”. This season I often played with six rounds and played with two breaks. I thought that it would be too difficult to play six here, and that’s why the audience and I took three retinues, adds Knyazev.

Alexander Knyazev’s concert was followed by his colleagues, violinist Sergey Krylov and pianist Nikolai Luganski, who will perform again this evening as a trio before the festival audience.
– We have followed a really fantastic concert of our colleague and friend Aleksander Knyazev. The atmosphere was wonderful and we are very happy to be here, says Violinist Krilov.

For pianist Nikolai Luganski, every interpretation of Bach by Knyazev is a special experience.
– I’ve been listening to Bach’s retinues many times and always have a special experience for me. It is a wonderful artist with incredible energy, adds the pianist Luganski.

Knyazev and his colleagues, Krilov and Lugansky, tonight in the church “St. Sophia” will arrange another musical experience for the audience of the Ohrid Summer Festival.