Change of time and location for the theater play “The Given Name”


Due to the weather conditions unusual for this period of the year, the low temperatures, the wind and the possibility of rainfall, which recently hit Macedonia, we inform you that the theater play “The Given Name” of the National Institution Comedy Theatre, Skopje, which was scheduled for tomorrow at 22: 30 at the Vestibule of the St.Sophia church will be performed at the Centre for Culture “Grigor Prlichev” starting at 21:00.

We are sorry for the bad weather conditions that affected not only the city of Ohrid, but also the wider part of the country, and at the same time, once again we are apologizing to the audience for the occurred change with which, the tomorrow’s theater play “The Given Name” will be moved to the Center for Culture “Grigor Prlicev” – Ohrid with start at 21:00.

Thank you for understanding.

With respect,
N.I Оhrid Summer