Exciting meeting of the pianist Kostovski with the audience of “Ohrid Summer”

One of the most prominent Macedonian pianists from the younger generation, Darko Kostovski, performed a unique two-hour musical experience last night at the Ohrid Summer Festival.

Driven by the power of piano magic, Kostovski shone on the concert podium in St. Sophia and, in an exciting interpretive manner similar to that of the great piano masters, brought a carefully selected repertoire, eliciting loud applause and admiration from the audience.

– Last year we celebrated 250 years since the birth of Beethoven by being represented on the repertoire of the concert. The other part was a Macedonian author, Pande Shahov with “Six Vignettes”, and in the second part of the concert I played a cycle of several pieces from Chopin’s creative work, says Kostovski.

However, he admits, it is the most difficult to play in front of the home audience.

– I feel wonderful because it is the most difficult to play in front of the home audience. I know all my colleagues, many of whom were in the audience. With a special hearing, everyone was waiting, so on the one hand it was a great pleasure, and at the same time an obligation, added Kostovski.

The emotional waves of last night’s concert were crowned with a waltz by Chopin, but despite the two-hour music over the piano, the modest artist respects the audience who waited in a long line after the concert to thank him for allowing them to enjoy the top pianist .

The young charismatic pianist Darko Kostovski was born in 1978 in Skopje and received his first knowledge in the field of piano from professors Aida Islam, Marija Pisinova and Boris Romanov at the MBUC “Ilija Nikolovski-Luj”.

At the age of only 15, Kostovski was admitted as the youngest student at the Academy of Music in Cologne in the class of prof. Arbo Valdma, where he obtained the highest level of education and honors “Cum Lauda” as a concert pianist in 2014. He is taking master classes with Aleksandar Longvich, Pavel Gililov, Paolo Giacometti, Henry Siegfriedson, Rita Kinka, Kemal Gekic, Evgeni Koroljov and Gjergi Kurtag. He has won awards from several international competitions.

As a soloist he has performed in many countries including: France, Austria, Italy, Belgium, Estonia, Finland, Egypt and Germany. He is a guest at numerous national and international festivals such as: “Klangbogen” in Vienna, “Ohrid Summer”, “Skopje Summer”, “Expo”, “Euregio” and “Beethoven Festival Bonn” in Germany, and performs in the Philharmonic Hall in Cologne. and Bonn, the Palace of Versailles in Paris, the home of Franz Schubert in Vienna, the former Bundestag in Bonn, the Cairo Opera House and the Expo 2000 in Hanover.

Performs with the orchestras of the Musical Youth of Macedonia, the Chamber Orchestra of MRTV, Zagreb soloists, etc. He transforms his enthusiasm for chamber music into the chamber duo “Dali” together with the violinist Lisa Maria Schumann.

– There is still a duo with my dear colleague Lisa Maria Schumann, to my great satisfaction. We have an excellent cooperation. As a duo, we will hold concerts in Bonn and Cologne in August, he announced.

Macedonian artist Darko Kostovski lives and works in Germany.