Impressive performance of the Macedonian oratorio “Radomir’s Psalter” at “Ohrid Summer”

An enthusiastic crowd and cheers for the Macedonian artists who performed at church “St. Sophia” on Sunday evening at the Ohrid Summer Festival with the oratorio “Radomir’s Psalms” by Dimitrie Buzarovski.

Soloists of the evening were top Macedonian soprano Vesna Djinovska Ilkova and Slavica Petrovska Galic, tenor Blagoj Nacoski, bass Vladimir Sazdovski, who performed together with the orchestra and choir of the Macedonian Opera and Ballet and the children’s choir “Piccolo” prepared by Vesna Dimchevska. The oratorio was performed under the baton of Bisera Chadlovska.

Apart from the audience, the composer of the work Dimitrie Buzarovski, a sound name in the world of musical art, was satisfied with the event last night at the Ohrid Summer Festival.
– I think it was an outstanding performance, of course, from the most renowned ensemble, the Macedonian Opera. Everyone invested a lot and felt that they were happy to fulfill the work. I am really proud that last night everyone had the opportunity to enjoy an all-Macedonian product. First of all, the text that is very important in the Macedonian culture of the 13th century is the last text that is preserved in the old Cyrillomodium tradition. Then I as a composer, a Macedonian ensemble, a Macedonian performer, a Macedonian choir … it really rarely happens in our country and I hope that everyone appreciated this and enjoyed the last night’s concert, says composer Buzarovski.

Radomir’s Psalms is a Cyrillic liturgical psalter with prayers from the second half of the 13th century. The oratorium, as the composer explained, is conceived and written exactly for the “Ohrid Summer” festival.

-This project, in 1999, was originally conceived and written exactly for the festival “Ohrid Summer”. Since then, I have been 19 years old and I am very glad that it was finally brought to where it was intended, added Buzarovski.

Buzarovski’s participation in the biggest and most important cultural manifestation in the Republic of Macedonia, the Ohrid Summer Festival, has continuity, as a composer, pianist, and synthesizers. In 1990, the Ohrid Philharmonic Orchestra was performed by the Macedonian Philharmonic Orchestra and the chorus of the Faculty of Music Arts at the vestbule of St. Sofia.

 Dimitrie Buzarovski is one of the most fruitful Macedonian composers with over 70 opusions, which includes four symphonies, three oratorioums, seven concerts, two operas and two ballets, a number of sonatas and solo songs cycles. The “Radomir Psaltir” oratorio is the only Macedonian piece that has been nominated for the most prestigious worldwide award for the Grawemeyer Award in 2003 by the Louisiana American University of Louisiana.