Intimate drama “The girl with the strings” will open all senses of the audience

A modern drama opera where music will not only be decor, but also a way of communication will bring the drama program of the Ohrid Summer Festival tonight through the play “The girl with the strings” by Marjan Necak and Maja Hrbovic.

The play that is a coproduction project of the Slovenian National Theater CIS Drama Ljubljana and Moving Musical Theater from Bitola will be played on the Dolni Saraj stage starting at 9 pm.

According to the selector of the festival’s drama program, Aleksandar Popovski, this is a great project in which actors from a very large Slovenian theater, which is important not only for Slovenia, but also for the wider region.

-Golemma is honored to announce such a theater performance that comes from a theater that I highly value, the Ljubljana Drama, a theater that is important for Slovenia, is also important in the region because it has a remarkable ensemble, Popovski said at today’s press conference -conference.
The director and one of the authors of the play “The girl with the strings” Marjan Necak stressed that it is especially the feeling to play the performance at the “Ohrid Summer Festival” because, as he said, the concept of the festival itself is theater and music, project has both of them.

– “The girl with the strings” is a play of freedom, the artist, many other intimate topics that we all have. Every person can be identified with the story itself. The way we built and worked the play is specific and requires a little more time, a different concentration and a different kind of love. Such are the actors from Drama Ljubljana, especially those that I chose to do this play that were exceptional in the sense that this can only be done with love, said Necak.

Drama playwright Darya Dominkush announced at the press conference that it is a specific and complex story for a girlfriend traveling by train across Europe, and in fact the target is the moon. This metaphor, according to the playwright, is valid for all people, because, as he said, in everyday life we ​​all try to do something, travel somewhere, and in all this rush we would like to go to the moon, to the unreachable, to what we dream of for which we create music and art.

– The play requires the involvement of the audience, to burn all the senses, and on the other hand it is very emotional because the story is for a girl who wants to live as an artist, but in today’s world it is very difficult. Then it needs to cross some borders in Europe that should be open to art. In addition, the girl as a shadow follows the story of childhood for an uncleared relationship with the father who was actually the first to hinder her career. Only then are the borders, Europe with its doubts that does not want emigrants, who does not want people who are not from here, said Dominkush.

The roles in the play “The girl with the strings” are played by Barbara Cerar, Uros Furst and Branko Sturbej.

– As an actress, this special form that encompasses songs and intimate drama was a great challenge for me. In fact, these songs represent monologues and intimate drama and give a higher level of interpretation, said actress Cerar.
The father in the play is played by Uros Furst, one of the top Slovenian actors.

– The play opens a whole space where we, as parents, influence our descendants, what is good here and what is wrong. At the same time, to sing, it is a range for outstanding acting. And the very way in which we performed the play for me is completely new, and therefore I am very happy, said Furst.

The author of the lyrics in the play “The girl with the strings” is Ana Bunteska. Costume designer is Natasa Filipovic, and choreographer Zhiganj Kranjcar. The music, the scenery and the light are Marjan Necak.