“Radomir’s Psalms” tonight in the Vestibule of “St. Sophia”

The oratorio “Radomir’s Psalms” op. 47 by Dimitrije Buzarovski tonight will be performed within the music program of “Ohrid Summer” festival .

The soprano Vesna Ginovska Ilkova and Slavica Petrovska Galic, the tenor Blagoj Nacoski, the bass Vladimir Sazdovski together with the Orchestra and choir of the Macedonian Opera and Ballet and the Children’s Choir “Piccolo” will perform. Conductor of the evening is Bisera Chadlovska.

“Radomir’s Psalms” op. 47 by Dimitrije Buzarovski is made on the text of the deacon Radomir from the second half of the 13th century. It is considered one of the last Old Slavic manuscripts written in the old Cyrillic tradition, originating from Macedonia. Buzarovski uses several psalms and original texts of Radomir to freely conceive the scheme of this oratory. Dimitrie Buzarovski (1952) is one of the most fruitful Macedonian composers with over 70 operas, including four symphonies, three oratorioums, seven concerts, two operas and two ballets, a number of sonatas and solo songs cycles. “Radomir Psalms” oratorio is the only Macedonian work that has been nominated for the prestigious world award for “Grawemeyer Award” in 2003 by the American University of Louisiana, Texas. The Psalter will be performed by the choir and the orchestra of the Macedonian Opera and Ballet, led by conductor Biser Chadlovska. Soloists will perform soprano Slavica Petrovska Galic, Vesna Djinovska Ilkova, tenor Blagoj Nacoski and bass Vladimir Sazdovski, all with a striking international performing career. The performance “Piccolo” is prepared by Vesna Dimchevska.

The concert will be held in the hall of the church “Saint Sophia”, starting at 9 pm.