“King Lear” tonight’s premiere at “Ohrid Summer Festival”

The Turkish Theater from Skopje will perform the theater play “King Lear” by William Shakespeare tonight, within the frames of the Ohrid Summer Festival, directed by Diego de Brea. The performance will be held at the Culture Center “Grigor Prlichev” starting at 9 pm.

According to the dramatic selector of “Ohrid Summer”, Zoran Ljutkov, the concept of the festival this year is based on the domestic premieres.
– I am very happy that almost all shaky texts have foreign directors who direct in Macedonia. They made plans to direct in the summer, so it was much easier for them to bring them to the “Ohrid Summer”. Not to mention that everyone is honored to have their premiere at this renowned festival, says Ljutkov.

Due to the intimacy of the play, it will be played indoors at the stage of the Cultural Center in Ohrid. There will be minimal scenography, very simple costume design, great actors and one of the best Balkan and European directors, Diego de Brea who is a frequent guest on “Ohrid Summer”.

– I expect that we will have a very strong Shakespeare, very strong King Lear, although for the first time we will see King Lear to be interpreted by a young actor because in principle, King Lear is 70 years old. This time, he will play an actor who is thirtieth, explained the playwright of “Ohrid Summer” Zoran Lutkov.

In the play “King Lear” will be actors Jenap Samet, Nesrin Tair, Osman Ali, Zubeide Ali, Erman Shaban and Ebru Muses. Scenography and costume design are Blagoj Micevski, and music is the choice of director de Brea.