MNT and director Necak bring new theatre expression to “Ohrid Summer”

The contemporary music drama “Only Voice” of the Macedonian National Theater was performed yesterday as part of the drama program of the Ohrid Summer Festival.

Based on a text by the young Serbian author Nina Plavanjac, “Only Voice” is a story about a famous actress who is left alone and abandoned by her younger partner, a ballet dancer, whom she helped build her career, losing her self-confidence and being left alone with the only a gift left to her by her partner, the spider Tarantula.

– That actress is looking for a new beginning because she cleared everything up in some way. A voice appears to her which she somehow accepts and begins a new era as a way of living and communicating. It all translates into music that follows the show all the time. I think this is an intimate story that happened to everyone, happens to them or can happen to them, says the director Marjan Necak, who is also the composer and set designer of the play.

The two partners, the leaders of MNT, Zvezdana Angelovska and Nikola Ristanovski, whom the audience listened to only through voice, communicated through disembodied contacts, without a real picture of what they look like, which was a new theatrical expression using the oldest human instrument-voice.

– That is, in fact, the goal of art, to bring something, not only to be new at any cost, but also to be accepted by the audience. The play is specific both in the way it is made and in the way it is performed. It is a play about art, ie about the man who failed in art and simply became uninterested. In the same way, those ships happen and sink in their private life, adds Necak.

The nameless actress played by Zvezdana Angelovska was alone on stage. All she needed was a voice that created the drama and its emotional apocalypse, but at the same time awakened her and led her to a new life.

– We worked for a very long intensive period so I was involved in the process while the text was being built. We worked online or during a pandemic because it requires musical songs. Marjan is a wonderful collaborator, thoroughly looking for preparations with a lot of materials and research on the character. We have a really wonderful cooperation. In addition to the fact that this is a stage-music project, it requires a special preparation for singing, even if you are in a psycho-physical condition, says the MNT champion, Zvezdana Angelovska.

The role of the ballet dancer in the play “Only Voice” was played by Miroslav Mitrashinovic..