Theatre performance “Only Voice” tonight at “Ohrid Summer”

The drama program of the Ohrid Summer Festival continues tonight with the theatrical performance “Only Voice” of the Macedonian National Theater.

It is a communicative contemporary music drama by Nina Plavanjac directed by Marjan Necak who is also a set designer and composer of music in the play. It stars Zvezdana Angelovska, Nikola Ristanovski and Miroslav Mitrashinovic.

“Only Voice” is the story of a famous actress who loses her self-confidence and is abandoned by a much younger ballet partner whom she helped create her career. She is left alone and locked in her apartment, which she does not see as her own home, the only company is made by the strange spider pet Tarantula, left by her ex-partner.

– The search for new forms in the musical theater for me as a director and composer is always inexhaustible, but also the search for new playwrights that are less and less in the usual form Talk Theater, and especially in the form Music Theater, because for this style a special expression and way of writing is needed. I was lucky enough to meet the young and talented Nina Plavanjac who wrote these wonderful words, sentences, pages of this contemporary story, says the director Necak.

The play will be played at “Dolni Saraj” starting at 9 pm and is not recommended for people under 18 years.