“My Husband” – a drama about women’s daily problems

The outstanding Serbian actresses Jovana Belovic and Sanja Markovic from the Yugoslav Drama Theater – Belgrade last night at the “Ohrid Summer” brought the theater play “My Husband” directed by Jovana Tomic.

This drama project is based on the eponymous collection of short stories by the famous Macedonian writer Rumena Buzarovska written in a simple and precise language in which everyone can recognize themselves.

Creating the characters of her heroines, Buzarovska bravely, rudely and wittily plays with all the common places of the local context, precisely forming the iconography of the patriarchy in which we are all trapped. The man who is always on the pedestal and the woman who should realize her needs and goals, but without violating the male position or power.

-Honestly, I think this is a great theatrical performance. It is a young and very good team. Jovana Tomic is an excellent director, and the play has a very good playwright. They have mostly taken my stories but very clever combinations have been made, not very intrusive. The actresses are really one of the better ones, so I am very happy, said Buzarovska, who last night on the stage “Dolni Saraj” followed the theater play “My Husband”.

The young actresses from the Yugoslav Drama Theater – Belgrade showed excellent acting in front of the audience of “Ohrid Summer”.

– In the play “My Husband”, the man is placed on the pedestal, but also the women. We tried to understand women. We are all busy with big problems every day, and that was really inspiring. That is our environment. We are all touched by those stories in one way or another. We are committed to understanding them, but I think that the wider audience can understand them, and the proof is that the play is one of the most sought after and most performed in our repertoire, says actress Sanja Markovic.

“Things are very simple and the idea of ​​this literary work and drama is hidden in the simplicity,” said actress Belovic.

The playwright of the theatrical play “My Husband” is Dimitrije Kokanov, and the costume designer is Maja Mirkovic.

The Yugoslav Drama Theater from Belgrade will close this year’s 61st festival edition of “Ohrid Summer” tonight at the Antique Theater with a theatrical performance “On the Open Sea” by Branislav Nusic and directed by Egon Savin.