Nevolovich – Mrmevska – duo with great musical intuition and virtuoso technique

The joint energy and top musical skills of the Macedonian pianist Kalina Mrmevska and the Belgian violinist Nadja Nevolovich were a real holiday for the lovers of classical music who last night followed their concert within the Ohrid Summer Festival.

The two master artists in the church “St. Sophia” started the evening with the Sonata for Violin and Piano No. 1 in g-dur by Johannes Brahms, and performed the work Fantastic Plays op.73 by Robert Schumann. The second part of the evening was dedicated to the great Macedonian composer Vanja Nikolovski – Gjumar, from whom the composition Aphrodisiac for violin and piano was played, and the concert ended with the Sonata for violin and piano No. 2 d-dur by Sergei Prokofiev.

– It is a great blessing to perform at the Ohrid Summer Festival and I was looking forward to coming. As soon as I arrived, I immediately wanted to come to the church and feel the festival piano. We have had great challenges in the past because we live in a time of coyote, both with dates and with travel, and here, finally, our concert is coming true. The church “St. Sophia” is beautiful, the acoustics are special and as soon as I came to Ohrid I immediately headed to try the piano. It is a great pleasure, pleasure, inspiration and motivation to perform in this setting, said pianist Kalina Mrmevska.

Mrmevska, who describes music critics as a “pianist with special power” and an “artist with a clear and lively musical idea”, lives in New York, on Long Island and teaches piano and correlation at a private university, and also performs on prestigious concert stages around the world.

One of the goals and tasks he has set before himself is the promotion of Macedonian classical art in the world.

– Exactly, that is part of my schedule and my efforts to represent Macedonian composers abroad and while I was on doctoral studies at the University of Stone Brook I already started to do that, performing the compositions of Vlastimir Nikolovski, Risto Avramovski … , explained Mrmevska.

Apart from being a top pianist, she is a great humanist and is the first ambassador of the Children’s Embassy “Megjashi” for which she was awarded the “November 13” award.

Violinist Nadja Nevolovich is adorned with musical intuition, virtuoso technique and interpretations with great integrity, qualities that bring her a fruitful career as a soloist and chamber musician. Like many musically gifted children in Russia, she began teaching violin at a special music school at the St. Petersburg Conservatory. After moving to Germany, he studied in the class of the famous pedagogue Zahar Bron, and worked with Ana Neciprouk-Bron, Thomas Brandis, Isak Rashkovski and Liviu Prunaru. He holds a Master’s degree with the highest honors from the Royal Conservatory of Brussels in the class of Igor Oistrakh. He holds a degree in musician-performer from the University of Rostock in the class of Petru Munteanu. Legendary violinist Ivri Gitlis has a special influence on her personal and artistic development.