Tonight at “Ohrid Summer” concert for two pianos with the duo “Artwork”

The Macedonian-Serbian duo “Artwork” will hold a concert for two pianos at the “Ohrid Summer” festival tonight.

This band consists of Macedonian pianist Heidi Elzeser and Serbian pianist Nenad Lecic.

Heidi Elzeser performs as a soloist and chamber musician in concert halls around the world, including the Gavo in Paris, the Tonhale in Düsseldorf, the Etker Halle in Bielefeld, the famous Residence de Estudiantes and the concert hall . He regularly performs at numerous festivals throughout Europe as well as in N. Macedonia, China and USA. Her repertoire is extremely eclectic and multifaceted – from the early Baroque to contemporary works of the 21st century, including numerous world premiere performances by composers with whom she regularly collaborates, such as: B. Shuman, В. Globokar, J. Andreevska, М. Apelbaum, A. Pejovski, М. Trandafilovski, H.J. Winkler, M.K. Redel, K. Delinikolov, G. Santander, P. Shahov, В. Nikolov, K. Jarrett end others.

Heidi Elzeser is the founder of the Artwork Ensemble, a two-piano and two-percussion quartet that nurtures contemporary music and is a member of several contemporary music ensembles such as the Ensemble Horizonte, Earquaqe Ensemble and others. In addition to her active concert activity as a soloist and chamber musician, Elzeser performs with the orchestra of the Landsteater Detmold, as well as with all Macedonian orchestras under the direction of: Sasha Nikolovski-Gjumar, Tadeusz Kozlovski, Angel Shurev, Aleksandar Lekovski, Fimco Karzoc Blemeke and others.

She has released her own solo CD with works by Brahms and Schubert, and has participated in several productions of compact discs with chamber music in Germany. Since 2011, Heidi Elzeser and her contemporary music ensemble have been honorary members of the Tomislav Zografski Foundation.

Heidi Elzeser was born in Skopje, R. Northern Macedonia. He graduated from the Faculty of Music in the class of Stella Slejanska, continues his studies at the лcole Normal de Musique in Paris where he obtains several diplomas, as well as at the European Conservatory also in Paris, France. In this period, her most important professor is Teodor Paraskivesko. The crown of her studies is the “Concertegzamen” studies at the Faculty of Music in Detmold, Germany, which she completes with great success in the class of Prof. Jean-Ephlam Bauze. Heidi Elzeser teaches at the Detmold School of Music, holds national and international master classes, and her students have won awards at several competitions in Germany.

Nenad Lecic was born in Cacak, Serbia. His great and unusual talent for music came to the fore very early on. Since he was a child, he has won numerous national and international awards. From the age of 11 he regularly holds recitals and performs as a soloist with orchestras. In 1991 he received the special award “Young European Top Talent” by the famous Italian TV RAI. At the age of 13 he enrolled at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade, in the class of Igor Laszlo, and soon afterwards continued his studies in the class of Arbo Valdma at the Faculty of Music and Theater in Cologne, where he graduated and graduated at a very early age. a series of postgraduate studies with the highest success.

Lecic performs as a soloist and chamber musician at the Cologne Philharmonic, Stefanizal in Graz, the Musicgebau-Amsterdam, as well as at many prominent festivals such as the Ruhr Piano Festival, the Aldeburg and Kings Place festivals in London, Europe, etc. and in the Far East in Korea and Japan. Critics rate him as a musician with “impeccable performance of inspired and top-notch music”. As a soloist with an orchestra he performs with the Bamber Symphony Orchestra, the European Chamber Orchestra, the London Philharmonic Orchestra and the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra under the baton of: Jonathan Knott, Dennis Russell Davis and Mladen Jagusht. As a chamber musician he performs with: Pierre-Laurent Eimar, Christoph Richter, Ksenija Jankovic, Ralph Mano, Guido Schiffen, Tamara Stefanovic, Heidi Elzeser and Katarina Deserno.

Since 2004 he has been teaching at the Faculty of Music in Cologne, and since 2007 he has been a member of the Artwork Ensemble. He has recorded 4 CDs with solo and chamber repertoire.

The concert for two pianos of the duo “Artwork” will be held in the church “St. Sophia” starting at 21:00.