“Ohrid Summer” exhibition of photographs “China in my eyes”

The additional program of the festival “Ohrid Summer” offered another exhibition yesterday evening. These are photographs on the topic “China in my eyes” organized in cooperation with the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the Republic of Northern Macedonia and the Municipality of Ohrid.
This year, 70 years have passed since China’s statehood, and on this occasion, Embassy of the United States of America. R. China in the Republic of Northern Macedonia, organized this photographic exhibition on which all citizens who have visited China are participating.

– Over the past 70 years, China has thoroughly implemented its developmental philosophy which aims to place the interests of the people in the spotlight and achieve great achievements in the political, economic, cultural and social spheres. China is actively promoting the construction of international cooperation through the initiative “One Belt, One Way” with the aim of forming a new type of international relations based on cooperation with mutual benefit and with the goal of creating a community of human destiny. political issues at the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the Republic of Northern Macedonia, adding that every year, more than 10 thousand Chinese tourists come to visit our country, and over 1000 Macedonians go on a tourist trip to China, or study AMU.

On behalf of the Municipality of Ohrid, the President of the Council of the Municipality of Ohrid, Zivka Angeloska, addressed the congratulations on the statehood of what our friendly people said.
– I do not think there is a better place than Ohrid in this period of the year where among a multitude of cultural events one can make such an exhibition where we can enjoy the beauty of the photographs that only transport us a small part of the great magic of China. Moreover, the authenticity of these photographs, although not pretending, but because of its natural, original, specific tone, manages to reach artistic value. Not to forget that they are not made by professionals, but by our citizens who visited different countries on different occasions, said Angeloska.

The President of the Macedonian-Chinese Friendship Association Ljupcho Malenko said that the Macedonian-Chinese friendship started 25 years ago, and as the announcements will last for many years and will deepen.
– The partnership for Macedonian-Chinese cooperation and friendship was established 25 years ago. With the city, I emphasize the fact that it was zealously working on establishing mutual cooperation and good relations, but also on what it means representing our cultural values, said Malenko.
An exhibition of photos “China in my eyes” that will open for seven days, and aims to present the nature, history, development and changes in China, as well as the friendship between China and the Republic of Northern Macedonia through the retrospective of the Macedonian citizens. Many of the photographers from the exhibition studied, worked or visited China. The photographs are thematically divided into four categories: “China’s Nature and Natural Treasures”, “Historical and Cultural Landmarks in N. R. China “,” Chinese cities and their significant landmarks “,” People’s lives in China “.