“Where is the gun” at “Ohrid Summer” drama repertoire

The drama program of the festival “Ohrid Summer” continues tonight with the theater performance “Where is the gun” by Gabor Gjorej, directed by Dejan Nikolovska and performed by the National Theater from Ohrid.

The performance will be played on the small stage at the Culture Center “Grigor Prlicev” starting at 9 pm.
It is a modern satirical text with a strong existential background, created in the seventies of the last century. At its core, the text deals with the human dual nature, playing between the positions of the oppressor and subjected to the five characters that carry the action.
The word “gun” suggested in the title is nothing but a theatrical sign, a system of abstractions, a symbol of the power of violence – whom the characters use to terrorize the others. The place of action is a closed space, in which there are four people sitting and the fifth one pointing a gun at them. Four of them always want to get out of the room, and the fifth one will always feel good inside. That’s the one with whom the gun. The source of all the problems is exactly the gun. The gun could have a different purpose, but not in this case.

Dejana Nikolovska is the second Macedonian who has completed theater directing in Moscow at GITIS, the Russian Academy of Theater Arts (after Ivan Popovski). She was born in Skopje in 1981. At the GITIS director’s faculty, he enrolled in 2000 in the class of Professor Leonid Heifets. In 2003 as a student in the third year, sets the play “Family Stories” by Biljana Srbljanovic, who receives the Best Director Award among student performances in Russia. From 2005 – 2009 works as an assistant-teacher at the department of directors in the classes of professors Oleg Kudryashov and Leonid Heifets. She is currently completing her Masters Degree and is a freelance artist. Apart from the theater as a basic profession and vocation, she also deals with film. The most important film project is the shooting of the series “The Names of Tatiana” (220 episodes) for the first channel of the Russian National Television. He also has great experience in the show business business as a director at RosArt Group production company in Moscow.

The roles are played by Goran Stojanoski, Nikola Todoroski, Adrijana Bilalovic Todoroska, Ivica Tsonev and Strezo Stamatovski. The scenery, costume design and light design were made by Milena Panteleeva, and the music is by Garo Ashikyan.