The opening ceremony of the festival “Ohrid Summer” has started

Under the open Ohrid sky at the Antique Theater in Ohrid,  has  started the 58th edition of the festival “Ohrid Summer” ,  the distinguishing mark of the Macedonian cultural identity.

From tonight and in the next 40 festival  days, the beauty of music and theatre will create lasting impressions  to  the audience  at  “Ohrid Summer festival”.

The artistic message this year at the opening ceremony in front of  the numerous audience has conveyed the master Macedonian actor Nikola Ristanovski who said that the timeless Ohrid is a  natural harbor of art.

– The art may not save the world, but it can teach us how to remain grateful and exalted  in the imperfect. Made in front of the shafts and arrows of the furious destiny, and wise to understand that the whispered  the whispered universe or the disillusioned society do not enter home in the kitchen through the open window, but, on the contrary, they come out, to go back again through injustice, buried by false gods or through the violence of their own captivating prophets, whose representation of the thoughts itself becomes more important than any universal or human history, even from that, the most significant, said actor Ristanovski.

The art, added Ristanovski, will not surrender because, as he said, it is the last deck where people are really together.

– The art is the last humane international. Its deck is the last place where we really are together. On its  boats, the sails of beauty, gifts, transparency, freedom and simple faith are crossed.  A faith of a child who for a moment only interrupts the childhood  game to harvest a piece of bread from the night so that we can not forget life. The one who really does, emphasized   the actor Nikola Ristanovski, who presented this year’s artistic message of  the “Ohrid Summer” festival.