Ristic-Simovic: The Ohrid audience is always on the mood for pleasant music

The Montenegro breeze quintet last night held a concert at the “Santa Sofia” church in Ohrid, within the music program of the 57th edition of the Ohrid Summer Festival.



Ana Abramovic, an artist who plays on a horn in this musical composition, says she has always dreamed of performing at this renowned festival whose scenes have styled many sound names from the music world.

– “Ohrid Summer” is a traditional festival of great importance to me that I just listened as a student, but also before. Here my professors, who are very influential in the world of music, also performed, and which I appreciated then and now. I admired them when they came to “Ohrid Summer” and that is why I am now delighted to be at the festival in Ohrid. I wanted to take part in “Ohrid Summer”, and here, today, I have realized the dream of my youth, said Abramovic.



Oboist Nadica Ristic – Simovic, who is from Macedonia and married in Montenegro, except for tonight, has seen more performances before the audience of “Ohrid Summer”.

– For the concert of “Ohrid Summer” we have prepared some pearls from our repertoire. They are “Metal Quintet” by Nielsen, then “Six Bagatelles for Wind Quintet” by Canev and “Bagatelas” by Ligeti. Ohrid audience is always ready for nice music, new faces, and some have already seen. I have participated in several projects of “Ohrid summer” always delighted to return in Ohrid and work, and privately said Ristic – Simovic.

Apart from these two artists, the Montenegrin breeze quintet consists of Antonio Nasevski of the phage, the clarinetist Petar Garic, and the flutist Maria Djurdjevic – Ilic. They perform on the scenes in Montenegro, but also out of the country’s borders.