Skorovnikov: In “St. Sophia” I feel inspired

With compositions by Frederick Chopin and Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky, “Ohrid Summer” last night in the church “St. Sophia” brought a concert of the masterful Canadian pianist Eugene Skorovodnikov.

Skorovodnikov, although a sonorous pianist, however, is unpretentious when to speak about himself, says that the concert has passed in a great atmosphere, and most of all, the impression has left by the audience.

-The concert went in a great atmosphere. We as performers always think we can do better. But most of all, I liked the audience. She was very receptive, sensitive and with great care followed the concert. It was very quiet, so I felt connected with it, and this is especially important because music is actually communication, said pianist Skorozdnikov.

The works of the famous composers he performed, perfectly fit with the acoustics in the sacred object, the cathedral “Saint Sophia”.

– Precisely because of this, I did not have to use additional effects on my performance because the church itself helped in the performance. When you are in this church, one thousand years old, you have a special feeling of inspiration, said Skovorodnikov, who, as he said, always knew about the existence and high reputation of the Ohrid Summer Festival.

And the selector of the music program at the Ohrid Summer Festival, Vaso Ristov, concluded that the concert with the great pianist Eugene Skovorodnikov went as it sounds like a great virtuoso of the piano.

-The long applause by the audience only proved the skill, the great virtuoso of his instrument, the piano, with impeccable musicianship, especially in Chopin’s works. For the wonderful musicianship with excellent dynamic nuances, by the audience, maestro Eugene returned three times on the “bis”. This confirms the quality of yesterday’s concert of “Ohrid Summer”, but also of the artist, says the music selector Ristov.

The criticism describes Eugene Skorovnikov as a performer with “excellent performance technique”, “incomparable elegance and magic power”, “perfect mastery in playing and a thorough sense of style”.