“Strangers” – a painful story from our everyday life

Drama Theatre from Skopje with the theatre performance “Strangers” by Filippo Bologna, directed by the contemporary approach of the director Nela Vitosevic, brought a crowded audience of spectators at the Ohrid Summer Festival last night.

The actors of the Drama Theatre brought a contemporary story that corresponds with the new and modern times. Seven friends played a game, sharing messages, conversations and photos from their mobile phones, as well as communications via social networks, revealing personal secrets and opening painful conflict situations.

The theme of last night’s performance is up to date and can be associated with each person. It talks about how technology occupies our lives and alienates us from our partners and families, how much the lie becomes more important than the truth.

The text in the play is based on the screenplay of the Italian film “Perfect Strangers” and played by Igor Angelov, Irena Ristic, Biljana Dragicevic Projkovska, Zoran Ljutkov, Sanja Arsovska, Filip Trajkovic and Predrag Pavlovski. The playwright of “Strangers” is Viktorija Rangelova Petrovska, stage designer Konstantin Trpenoski, costume designer Roza Trajcevska Ristovska, and composer Ognen Anastasovski.

The audience of “Ohrid Summer” did not spare applause last night about the fascinating and powerful story that brought a completely different aesthetic dimension. For “Strangers”, tickets for the “Ohrid Summer” were requested more.