Creative enthusiasm and romantic mood at the “Ohrid Summer”

A beautiful evening filled with sonatas for violin and piano was held by fans of art last night in the church “St. Sophia” where the German violinist Rudens Turku and the German-Ukrainian pianist Milan Cernjavska performed in the framework of the Ohrid Summer Festival program.

The catwalk’s dance floor felt the great creative enthusiasm and romantic mood of the subtle artists. Attractive works were filled under strong impressions. This duo says that not only the works, but also the inspiration was the atmosphere in which they performed.

-Ahead of all, I am pleased to perform for the first time at the festival “Ohrid Summer” together with the pianist and my partner, Milan Cernjavska. We played in a beautiful church. The audience had the opportunity to enjoy a different repertoire starting from the Sonata for piano no. 8, op. 13 from Beethoven, through the Sonata for Violin and Piano by Edward Grig, to Sonata for Violin and Piano by Antonin Dvorak, says Violinist Turku.

Milana Cernjavska presented itself to the audience of “Ohrid Summer” two years ago when she performed together with the Macedonian violinist Jaafar Xhaferi.

– I’m twice at the Ohrid Summer Festival. The festival is excellent, the atmosphere is magical, and the audience is always warm, says the pianist.

The German pianist of Ukrainian origin, Milana Chernyavska, is one of the most important pianists of today. With its outstanding performance capabilities, it constantly enthuses audiences everywhere in the world. Apart from the solo activity, Chernyavska often performs as a chamber musician, collaborating with outstanding musicians.

German violinist Rudens Turku experiences his debut in America, after which his concert activity takes a swing and he appears in the largest concert halls in the world and at the most prestigious music festivals in Germany. On these performances, Turku is celebrated as a soloist and chamber musician.