“Svi marsh na ples” took people back to the golden age without cell phones and Internet

Favorite and recognizable melodies and hits from the legendary rock band “Bijelo dugme” woven into the dynamic dance performance “Svi marsh na ples” echoed from the stage “Dolni Saraj” last night as part of the 61st edition of the Ohrid Summer Festival.

“Svi marsh na ples” is  author’s performance of the Balkan dance project, choreographed by Igor Kirov, and dramatized by Goran Golovko. The idea for such a project, according to the choreographer Kirov, was smoldering for a long time and the goal, as he says, is to return the older generations to the time of the former Yugoslavia, and to convey to the younger ones part of the atmosphere in which they lived then.

– We wanted to reward the audience in another way and in a dance way to bring it back to a time that is no more, a time that the older generations remember well, and to capture the new generations as it was then and how people functioned people, without cell phones and without internet. “We are taking people to a working action in the early 1980s in Yugoslavia in which players, people from all over the former state, come together and everyone has their own story when it comes to those brigades,” said Kirov.

The energy and dedication of the dancers to modern ballet, combined with the music of Goran Bregovic and the creative impulse of Igor Kirov brought a fresh innovative theatrical experience on stage.

-Every song has its own story, with the fact that from the beginning to the end the stories intertwine, people meet and socialize, develop acquaintances, love is born. Simply, the music of “Bijelo dugme” connects us all, and the performance itself under the name Balkan dance project, connects us connects us, the players and choreographers from all over the former Yugoslavia and the Balkans, so the idea to make such a project has long been smoldering where we will turn people into something good, and introduce the younger generation into one an imaginary world unknown to them. And here, we succeeded, we as young generations, the actors on stage are much younger than me and did not experience that time, to bring a picture in which with carts, crates of beer, clothes from that time, to relax the spectators and take it to something that is different from everything else, adds Kirov.

Emir Fejzic, Zuleja Kecho, Branko Mitrovic, Luka Zivkovic, Jaksa Filipovac, Andy Shroete, Mojca Majzen, Teodora Radivojevic, Ana Kuzmanovic played in the play “Every March on Dance”.

The Balkan dance project formed by Kirov unites young artists from all over the Balkans.

Macedonian choreographer and ballet dancer Igor Kirov, who is known and recognized on the international scene, is currently preparing the play “Oedipus Comments” by Sophocles at the Stip National Theater together with the director Dragana Milosevska Popova, which should premiere on August 10. As he says he himself, many plans and ideas are smoldering in him, but their realization will depend on the course of the pandemic.