“The Damned” opens the drama program of “Ohrid Summer”

The drama part of this year’s edition of the festival “Ohrid Summer” starts tonight with the theater play “The Damned”, which will be played at the Culture Center “Grigor Prlicev” starting at 9 pm.
The play was made according to the script of Lucino Visconti, Enrico Medioli and Nicole Badaluco, directed by Dalibor Matanic, and produced by the CIS Drama from Maribor, Slovenia.

One of the main themes of Visconti’s film “The Damned” is the close relationship between capitalism and fascism, which is rooted deep in the German tycoon family Von Esenbek. After the death of the family patron, his legacy and his takeover from different sides, although the heirs have not yet realized that they were taken hostage by a more powerful political machine with their greed and petty decadent indulgences. The series of family disputes split the legacy of the powerful dynasty, revealing it smoother the pathological state and perversity, as well as the uncompromising egoistic interests of the members. In total, this new setting is a great fresco which is still surprisingly current.
Through conflicting politics and intimate manipulations, especially in terms of interpersonal relationships, the “Twilight of the Gods” play shows how detailed the Nazi government manipulated with its citizens for years before the official launch of World War II. The family will kill its own leaders until it destroys itself And only for the sole reason – because the whole family has succumbed to ideas of a better state.

Croatian film and theater director Dalibor Matanic 1975. graduated film directing at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb. His film debut “Cashier Wants to Go to the Sea” (2000) was a successful hit at the festival of Croatian film “Pula 2000”, awarded with 3 golden arenas, and Matanic was awarded as the best director-rookie. In 2002 directed the popular film “Fine Dead Girls”, which won 7 awards at the Pula Festival in 2002. He also made several excellent documentaries. Matanic collaborates with respectable Croatian writers and playwrights, a member of the European Film Academy, and is among the most successful and most productive directors of the middle generation.