The Milenkovic-Milosevic duo raised and delighted the audience

Long and standing ovations, biss, satisfied audience and artists who braved their music and with their modesty and attention to the audience. This was the atmosphere in the church “St. Sophia” at the concert of the Serbian violin virtuoso Stefan Milenkovic and his colleague, the pianist Vladimir Milosevic, for which he fished the card more.

The Milenkovic-Milosevic duo arranged a quality program at the Ohrid Summer Festival, which, according to the artists, was adapted for the summer period.

– It is an honor for us to play here, in Ohrid, and especially in this church, for which I have the feeling that it is a temple of music. The acoustics here have added a golden aura to our tone, and it rarely has it somewhere. The audience honored us with biscuits, and we returned with the composition “In the Style of Albeniz” by Rodion Shedrin, a kind of tango in a modern way. On the second bass we played the composition of a Navajo Indian from Arizona, who during my visit to the United States rewrote the work “Cooties” for violin and piano, which is otherwise written for piano, said Milenkovic after the concert.

Serbian artists started the first part of the concert with the sonata No. 1 Sonata No. 1, the sonata with a lot of energy, a masterpiece, followed by a short round of ballet, “The Kiss of the Fairy” by Igor Stravinsky. In the second part of the performance, the great artists “brought” on the podium Italian composer Nicola Campogrande with a work he wrote after a copy of Paganini, more precisely inspired by Paganini, and performed in a contemporary way of violin and piano. Then came the work “Legend” by the Polish composer Henrik Wienevski, and at the end of the evening they also played a waltz-scherzo by Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky.

Two Serbian artists with world renown, Stefan Milenkovic and Vladimir Milosevic, and after the concert, they were hanging out with the audience, receiving congratulations for their performance and photographing with the visitors.