The Symphony Orchestra of Briansk tonight will perform at “Ohrid Summer”

The music program of  “Ohrid Summer” festival continues tonight with a concert of the Symphony Orchestra of Briansk from Russia.

The Russian evening will be held in the lobby of the St. Sophia church at 9 pm.

The Symphony Orchestra of Briansk was founded in 2011 by Eduard Ambartsumyan, an artist of the Russian Federation who is an artistic director and ensemble conductor.

From the first days of existence, this orchestra begins an intense concert activity fulfilling popular, but also complex works of music literature. He performs at significant festival festivals in Briansk, performs in Moscow, an official orchestra at the international piano competition “T. P. Nikolaeva “, guest in France at the Savoy Festival in Poland, etc. During its existence, the orchestra performs with significant conductors and soloists including the pianists: Nikolay Petrov, Nikolay Gindin, Valentina Igoshin, Ivan Rudin, Andrey Gugin, Arseny Tarasevich-Nikolaev, violinists: Danil Kogan, Nadezhda Tokareva, Gajk Kazazyan, and with Conductors: Jonathan Brett (UK), Carlo Goldstein (Italy), Konstantin Barakov and others.