Authentic theater magic at “Ohrid Summer” brought Slovenian public theater “Drama”

The Slovenian public theater “Drama” from Maribor last night opened the drama program at  “Ohrid Summer Festival”, bringing the play “The Damned” directed by one of the most productive Croatian directors Dalibor Matanic.
“Twilight of the Gods” deals with extremely difficult theme, fascism and hopeless positions and sufferings of man at that time, but despite this, the actors with their outstanding theater play, at the stage in the Culture Center “Grigor Prlichev”, created an authentic theater magic that was rewarded with tumultuous applause.

Through the conflict of politics and intimate manipulations, especially in terms of interpersonal relationships, the play “Twilight of the Gods” shows how detailed the Nazi government manipulates its citizens for years prior to the official launch of World War II. The cast of the actors seamlessly capture the events directly related to the two fateful nights, the rays of the Raistogg in 1933 and the Night of the Long Knives a few months later. The actions were taking place in the house of the property family von Eschenbek, which belongs to is the peak of an elite German society.The two nights have a profound effect on the life of the whole family, the entire German society, but also the European and world order. The family kills its own leaders until it destroys itself, for the sole reason – because it succumbed to ideas for a better state.

According to the selector of the Ohrid Summer Festival, Aleksandar Popovski, Maribor’s “Drama” is an interesting ensemble that is on the rise, and there are also many young quality actors who successfully build their career.
-This performance is not by accident here. She has been invited to several festivals, has already won prizes, and does not invite her by accident because she deals with a special topic, the advent of fascism in Germany and the events at that time through the story of a family. I think that there are so many things that look like today and the audience can recognize it, said Popovski.
The theater performance “Twilight of the Gods” in March won the award for best performance at the first Balkan Culture Festival “Theater at the Crossroads” in Nis. The Slovenian public theater “Drama” received the director’s award for best scenographer, and Petju Labovik was named best young actor. Natasha Matyashek Roscher won the best female role for the role of Baroness Sophie von Eshenbeck, who in the “Ohrid Summer” last night showed once again a fascinating acting maturity and directed the energy of the entire theater ensemble.
The play is based on the script of Lucino Visconti, Enrico Medioli and Nicole Badaluco.