A wonderful evening with Bach’s music

A great concert, a great interest from the audience and works by Bach, which were precisely performed, such was the atmosphere last night, in “St. Sophia” church where the great Russian artists Alexander Knyazev, Sergey Krilov and Nikolai Luganski performed.

The Russian trio performed a rather difficult program but with a striking interpretation through which the depth of the creative spirit of the leading composer Johan Sebastian Bach could be felt.

-We felt really comfortable on this scene but the program was very difficult even for people who fully mastered the instruments. Of course, we enjoyed it, but it’s not enough for our whole life to capture this music. I’m very glad we played perfectly and my colleagues really supported me with the playing. We also managed to keep the audience this evening at Brahms, said violinist Sergey Krilov.

Magic music, lyricism and tonal beauty in playing are the qualities that Sergey Krylov’s place has given him among the most renowned performers of today.

The winner of numerous international competitions, the Russian Alexander Knyazev is one of the best cellists of today. His performances around the world are constantly receiving approval from the audience and critics.

Nikolai Luganski describes it as a pianist with exceptional refinement and sensitivity, with “crystal beauty” in playing similar to that of the great Mozart and Chopin, as well as the virtuosity that reminds Rachmaninov and Prokofiev.