Yesterday evening Ohrid National theatre opened the drama programme of the Ohrid Summer Festival with the premiere “Sex, lies and jealousy” by Marc Camoletti, directed by Kole Angelovski.

The professional actors Strezo Stamatoski, Nikola Todoroski, Adrijana Bilalovikj – Todoroska, Elizabeta Stefanovska, Biljana Bilalovikj  -Veljanoska and Marija Novak gave a stunning performance and couldn’t hide their pleasure for working with one of the greatest and most watched Macedonian directors, Kole Angelovski.

On the stage of the Centre of Culture “Grigor Prlichev” they brought a play about love, adultery, faith and hope, about the bright side of life, those little sparkles in all people.  

– It is a great pleasure and honour to work with one of the roots of the Macedonian theatre and Macedonian film, the root with a name and surname, Kole Angelovski. We went through an amazing process and I can say that, in general, we didn’t even feel it as a process, as a burden or toughness. This is an excellent adaptation of the text made by Kole, – pointed out the actor Strezo Stamatoski.

The actor Nikola Todoroski also confirmed that the process of the play creation itself wasn’t even felt by the actors because, as he stated, they collaborated with the director Angelovski.

– With the mere mentioning of the name of this director and actor, various generations of people are aware what type of artist is about. At our pleasure, we had the honour to work with a person with incredible experience and I hope that it could be felt at the premiere. I can say that this was one of the rare processes of creating a theatre play even before its due time. I hope we will continue to have collaboration with such directors, said the actor Nikola Todorovski.

Kole Angelovski is one of the most prolific Macedonian directors, with 27 directed plays only for the Ohrid Summer Festival so far.

– The audience at the play couldn’t stop laughing and applauding, everybody was happy and content, and I was honoured to work with such a nice ensemble like the Ohrid National Theatre. All actors were amazing. We set the play very easily. Even before I came, all actors had already read the text and were prepared. In 15 days we prepared the play, and the rest of the time we just made jokes and laughed, – said Angelovski.Yesterday evening the play “Sex, lies and jealousy” caused great interest among the audience, and the Ohrid National Theatre announces that the play this autumn will be part of their regular drama repertoire.