Ohrid summer is the code of culture in the Balkans, said Popovic before EFA delegates at the biggest cultural gathering in Girona, Spain.

For the past four days, the director of NU “Ohridsko leto”, Natasa Popović, presented the successes of the Festival at the Summit of Art Festivals in Girona, Spain, within the framework of which the 70th General Assembly of the European Festival Association (EFA) was held.

Popovic, who received the title of honorary delegate of EFA two years ago, said that membership in this elite association is proof that the “Ohrid Summer” festival is on the right track in its international affirmation, and confirmation of this is the high rating from the Association with which Ohrid Summer rose to a high fifth place among 140 EFA member festivals.

“Culture, art and tradition describe the code of each nation and speak of its existence throughout the centuries, its uniqueness and specificity. Exactly “Ohrid summer” is the code of the culture of the Balkans, the biggest promoter of cooperation of the new vision of the initiative “Open Balkans” which opens a new culture. The “Ohrid Summer” festival is specific and special, recognizable and unique in our area, as one of the most prominent cultural events in Europe and the world, a festival with a centuries-old openness to cultures, creating a spiritual interaction in the exchange of world goods. For more than half a century, the Ohrid Summer Festival represents the largest cultural musical and stage manifestation, recognized not only in our country but also in the world, firmly stepping towards the realization of the mission – a cultural Europe with common top cultural values”, said director Popović in her speech.

In front of the first people of EFA and over 300 delegates and representatives of the best European festivals, Popović also spoke about the rich festival history of “Ohrid summer” in the city, which is the spiritual center of Macedonian culture.

“The long-term existence of this event points to a great tradition, which springs from the city of Ohrid, the spiritual capital of the country and is considered a pillar of Macedonian culture and a pivot of our tradition,” she emphasized in her address.

During the four-day gathering in Girona and Paralada, Popović held numerous meetings where the role of art, festivals and festival actors in society was emphasized. According to her, EFA is the place from where top art is promoted, tradition is nurtured, bridges are built between the cultures of different nations and a vision for the future of the world art scene is created.

“Ohrid summer, every festival edition climbs a step higher in the world of art. Novelties are being introduced that make it more attractive and attractive to top artists. We remain committed to the path that confirms for us the significant high place in the European Association of Festivals,” said Popović.

The EFA association includes over a hundred festivals from 40 countries. The “Ohrid Summer” festival has been an important partner of the Association since 1994. At the last festival edition, senior representatives of the European Association of Festivals, led by the president Jan Briers, were part of the Opening Ceremony of the festival with the four top Italian tenors Alessandro Cosentino De Acrisa, Federico Serra, Giovanni Maria Palmia and Ugo Tarquini.