“Ohrid Summer” with the promotion of the book “The Colors of My Music”

The book “The Colors of My Music” by authors Snezana Anastasova-Chadikovska and Marko Kolovski will be presented today as part of the program of the 63rd edition of the “Ohrid Summer” festival.

The promotion will take place in the Courtyard of the Church of St. Sophia, starting at 7:00 PM. The event’s promoters, organized by the Music Publishing Center (MPC), will be Ilinka Petrusheva, a filmologist, film critic, film historian and essayist, and Aleksandar Trajkovski, a music theorist, researcher, educator, and publicist. The evening’s moderator will be Milcho Jovanoski, a journalist and publicist, and director of the “Grigor Prlichev” National Library – Ohrid, while the host will be Natasha Popovska-Karche, a painter, artist, and dentist.

The book “The Colors of My Music” is a story about the life and creative journey of Snezana Anastasova-Chadikovska, a prominent pianist, piano educator, music journalist, animator, and organizer. Through her memories and insights, intertwined with the context in which her vast opus flourished, and with the perspective of the musicologist Marko Kolovski, attempting the seemingly impossible task of professionally observing the vast expanse, they create a unique work appealing to every reader. The book is colorful, lavish and radiant, much like the colors in the painting “Hypostasis of Life” by the visual artist Venijamin Hadzi-Naumov, which visually enriches this edition.