Gala Concert and premiere of the ballet Bolero

Conductor: Bisera Chadlovska

Gala Opera Concert:
Sandra Mitrovska - soprano
Katerina Stojanovska - soprano
Gjorgji Cuckovski - tenor
Vladimir Sazdovski - bass

Bolero, М. Ravel - ballet premiere:
Women's ballet ensemble, Katerina Stojanovska - soprano and the orchestra of the National Opera and Ballet

Concert Master: Verica Lambevska
Choreographer: Sasha Evtimova
Director: Dejan Prosev
Costume designer: Marija Pupuchevska
Light design: Milcho Aleksandrov


  Dance is a celebration of life. Dance is an art of space and time, a never ending journey, a form of meditation that lives through centuries. Dancing is an arrangement or pattern in space. It is an arrangement in time, as music is, and employs time rhythm, as does music…Dancing employs rhythm in both spheres – audible and visual. It is a time-space art, and the only one. Music must be swallowed by movement, magnetic forces that unite a group, the powers of rhythm that carry the body through space. Having these quotes as a reference for the piece, considering that the topic we are dealing with is very complicated and restricted, but is still gives us the freedom to express. Having this idea of seeing the dancers as musical notes that travel through time and space, the music is the base and the body is the instrument, јust like the painter uses the brush to the canvas, a sculpture uses his hands or a writer using the blank pages, filling it out with every single letter. If we think that dance is a pattern in space, so is the music. Dance connects arts and culture and unites all nations around the world. Dance is the universal language.