Photography exhibition “From the art opus of Georgi Bozhikov”, Macedonia

              “The night was full of applause. Following every piece by Skalovski, Rachmaninoff, Tchaikovsky, Mussorgsky- once the deep voice of Bozhikov would subside, a strong applause would ring out. What followed Prokopiev’s “Death of Goce” will not be forgotten for a long, long time. The piece composed on a text by Gane Todorovski was delivered with great sensitivity, with all the pathos of his soul. A spontaneous explosion of admiration and “Bravo Zhoro” was heard… The Church of St. Sophia looked magical. This is a review featured in the newspaper Nova Makedonija after the concert of Georgi Bozhikov on 2. 08. 1982 at the Ohrid Summer Festival. It was one of the 16 times he stood on the stages of the festival in the years 1964-1986. Georgi Bozhikov (Petrich, 1931- Skopje, 1986) –bass is one of Macedonia’s key musical figures. In the 32 years he lived here (1964-1986) he sang 27 different roles at the Macedonian opera, took part in numerous concert performances of oratorios and cantatas from all musical epochs, but also was omnipresent at the recital stage with premiere performances of works by Macedonian composers. Georgi Bozhikov was professional, creative, suggestive, distinct and unique. The photo exhibition “From the artistic journey of Georgi Bozhikov” is dedicated to the 50 year anniversary of his first recital at the Ohrid summer festival.