The Prozorov Sisters (Case)

  (Based on Cekhov’s three Sisters”, documentary materials and author’s texts) An Author project of Sasho Dimoski and Vasil Zafirchev   The Case of the Prozorov Sisters, theatralized in this performance is inspired by a dreadfulness hat took place in Alabama, USA from 1946 to 1958. After the suicide of his wife Melanie committed by head shooting, Henry T. Jones had locked up his three daughters Tara (11), Marie (7) and Irma (4) in the basement of his house. He reported them as missing and told the authorities that it is possible that their mother had killed them prior to committing suicide. The alibi was working successfully for 12 years as he held them imprisoned in the basement until his sudden death in a car accident, crashing in an abyss in 1978. Upon inspection of the home of the deceased Henry, the police found the three long missing sisters. When they got out of the basement Tara was 23, Marie was 19 and Irma was 16. They had introduced themselves as Olga, Masha and Irina Prozorovi, daughters of the late lieutenant Prozorov. They slept on the ground, were chained to the walls with metal chains so their movement can be restricted, and performed their physiological needs in the same space. Their father would throw down soap and hose them down instead of a bath. The only other thing they had with them when found, apart from food and water was a copy of Chekhov’s book “Three Sisters”. Sasho Dimoski     Sasho Dimoski (Ohrid, 1985, PhD in drama arts) is a Macedonian writer and drama artist. Since his debut in 2015, he has built a portfolio uniting over fifty titles including prose books, drama and ballet performance texts, short tales, radio and TV productions, theatrology papers and scientific researches. The following publications are emphasized: “The hooligan`s diary” (Kultura, 2015, prose adapted for stage at the Macedonian opera and ballet), “Alma Mahler” (Kultura, 2016, novel adapted for stage at the Macedonian national theatre, translated in Serbian and English language), “The fifth season” (Kultura, 2017, novel awarded with Racin`s prize and translated in Albanian language), “We, the others” (Kultura, 2016, book of collected plays set on stage), “The sleeping beauties” (Kultura, 2018, prose), “8/4” (Kultura, 2020, book of theatric essays). The following performance texts are emphasized: “Phaedra” (2016, SMG Ljubljana, National theater Dzinot, Veles), “Medea” (2017, Festival of Antique drama Stobi), “Ana Komnena” (2017, National theater Dzinot, Veles), “The assembly women” (2017, National theater Ohrid, R. Macedonia, National theater Nish, R. Serbia), “My forest`s tree” (2017, National theater Dzinot, Veles), “Les demoiselles d`Avignon” (2017, MNT, Skopje), “The royal bastard”s (2018, National theater Dzinot, Veles), as well as fifteen adaptations for stage. This portfolio includes two texts for choreographer: The red room (2016, Macedonian opera and ballet) and Death and the dervish (2017, HNK Split, Croatia). His short tales, theatrology studies and performance texts have been published in various chrestomathies both home and abroad. He is laureate of Eurodram 2020 with the drama text Between the dragon and it`s rage. His artworks have been presented at over thirty festivals at the region and wider, winning several awards.   Vasil Zafirchev (1980, Veles) actor and director. One of the best actors and one of the leading drama artists in Macedonia. He graduated in 2002 at the Faculty of drama arts in Skopje. He has performed in many theatres in Macedonia, such as the Macedonian National Theater, Drama Theater in Skopje, the theaters in Veles, Prilep, Strumica and Macedonian Opera & Ballet. Hi has full field more than 100 roles in theatre, on TV and Film. He is winner of all prestige awards for acting in Macedonia, including the highest actors award “Risto Shishkov”, as well as many international theater awards. He was awarded with the highest award of the City of Veles “9th of November” for affirmation of Veles in the field of culture and art. He is director of many successful author’s projects in theatre and film, as “The Pianist”, “X-Hamlet”, “Elegy for you”, “The Hooligan’s diary”,“Alma Mahler” and “The Prozorov sisters”. Today, he is a member of ensemble and artistic director of the Theatre “JHK-Dzinot” in Veles.       Roles: Keti Borisovska Maja Ljutkov Slavica Manaskova Zharko Spasovski Faik Mefailoski   Directed by: Vasil Zafircev Adaptations for stage and dramaturgy: Sasho Dimoski Costumes: Rade Vasilev Poster and program design: Filip Korunovski Set design and music selection: Vasil Zafirchev and Sasho Dimoski   Not recommended for persons under 16 Duration time: 1h