Theatre play: Man, Beast and Virtue By Luigi Pirandello; Directed by Egon Savin; Theatre of Comedy, Skopje

Pirandello was active as a writer for a long time, and he went through all the phases- from naturalism to expressionism and futurism to avant-garde but in all his works he always writes about the “crisis of morale”. The lie and hypocrisy are not measurable by human interaction, there is no man that has avoided lies in order to conceal his own vices and weaknesses. Pirandello’s personal and literary freedom is in fact his ability to call things by his own name. In contemporary theatre there are many plays that deal with the individual confronting the authorities, the police, the army, the bureaucracy… but what happens to the individual that is jeopardized by his loved ones, the ones closest to him? Family drama is the best drama. It always comes unexpected, it is never out in the open, and it is always a mimicry, masked by the rituals of everyday life. Sometimes this game has a mask of friendship, gentleness, erotic love, care and sacrifice. These “masks”, these rituals of everyday life enable people to more-less live life without bloodshed. And such life, after a certain amount of time results in despise and hatred towards one self, results in melancholy, in madness. Egon Savin   Egon Savin is a professor of the Department of directing at the Faculty of Drama in Belgrade. He has directed over 100 productions in all important theatres and theatre companies in former Yugoslavia, as well as in Hungary and Italy. His plays are performed all over the world, and heave earned him numerous prizes both in his home country and abroad. The play “Man, beast, virtue” by L. Pirandello is his third engagement as a director in Macedonia. In the nineties, he directed “Crime and Punishment” and “Lie and para-lie” at the Macedonian national theatre in Skopje.       Roles: Paolino de Vico- Atanas Atanasovski Captain Perella- Sasho Ristovski/ Toni Denkovski Mrs. Perella- Sashka Dimitrovska The Doctor–Zharko Dimoski Toto, a Pharmacist- Zharko Dimoski Maid Rosaria- Kristina Lasovska Student Giglio- Toni Denkovski Gracia- Zhaklina Stevkovska-Drnasin Nono, 11 year old son of Perella- Eva Skenderovska   Set designer: Vesna Popovic Costume designer: Elena Doncheva Ass.costume designer: Ivana Karanfilovska Ugurovska   Not recommended for persons under 16 Duration time: 1h 20 mins