An excellent repertoire and interesting instruments brought “Terem” quartet at “Ohrid Summer”

Incredible virtuosity, exceptional technical readiness, indisputable style of interpretation and original arrangements brought the Russian quartet “Terem” to the music repertoire at the Ohrid Summer Festival last night.

The passionate and lively music that was created on traditional Russian instruments and which sounded the acres of the Russian soul did not leave an indifferent audience in the church “Saint Sophia”. This lineup last night played music by soprano dombra, bayan / harmonica, alt dombra, as well as contrabass, instruments that, like the concert program, attracted a lot of attention.

“Terem” quartet whose repertoire contains works of classical music literature, the processing of old Russian folk motifs and contemporary music from different genres, presented themselves with a carefully chosen repertoire, starting with the Russian passions of Tokat and fugue in d-moll through Fantasy on the theme of the aria of Princess Lebed from “The Tales of King Saltan”, and continued with the Alegre of Sonata no. 17 d-moll from Beethoven, and works by Sergei Rachmaninov, Valentin Gavrilin – Tarantela, Tchaikovsky and Schubert were performed.

The second part of the concert also brought a wealth of authors, such as Vladimir Ivanov, Dmitry Shostakovich, Stefan Grapeli, Gerardo Matos Rodriguez, George Gershwin, Lalo Shifrin, as well as music from Charlie Chaplin’s films.

The repertoire of the ensemble consists of more than 500 compositions, original transcriptions, paradoxical fantasies inspired by popular themes of classical and contemporary music, as well as folklore, jazz and film music. Creativity is derived from Russian art and old traditions, which is why they often represent Russia in the world.

Their performances reflect the life and music of the 21st century – positive, energetic, full of joy and love that speak of the fundamental values ​​of the Terem quartet and their desire to make the world a better place to live.