Cabaret’s spectacle “Talk quietly” delighted the numerous audience of “Ohrid Summer”

To the great pleasure of lovers of good music, in the church of Sts. Sofia in Ohrid has a cabaret concert of the beautiful Tijana Djuricic, Irina Naumovska and Aleksandar Budimir. This unique music combination was satisfied by the audience with the most authentic taste.

– I’m too excited tonight, not just because I’m here for the first time, but because I play for the first time at a festival for which I read only the best critics, and I also listened to many of my professor Nikola Kitanovski and of course Irina Naumovska. The whole concept for the festival was like a mystical idea, so I am very happy for the numerous audience and for me it is completely new and exciting, because it was happening in the area like the church of Sts. Sofia. Every year I follow your program, unfortunately I’m not physically present, but it’s always impressive to look at which musicians are performing. This year I like the music selection of the selector, because the program is very rich and every honor of the entire team, you successfully manage to do all that. We have explored Ohrid and from another perspective, natural beauties and all of these alternative beaches, so I already promote it on social networks claiming it is Balkan Thailand, “Tijana Djuricic soprano from Serbia said at the concert.

According to Aleksandar Budimir, Ohrid and the festival “Ohrid Summer” have special energy.

– First of all I want to thank all the listeners, our audience, because they were really great listeners. I’m in Ohrid for the third time, but I have the feeling that I am the first time, because here is a special, special energy. I’m glad that I’m back in one of my favorite cities. As for the performance, I am still under the adrenaline of the phenomenal audience, I hope that we will have the opportunity to cooperate again, it is a great honor to be a participant in such a big festival, with the greatest and longest tradition. Thank you very much for the wonderful experience, says Aleksandar Budimir.

Macedonian pianist Irina Naumovska says she follows the Ohrid Summer Summer program each year.
– Whenever you perform at the Ohrid Summer, the feeling is special. I am not sure if it can be explained in words, above all this church, it has a special atmosphere, and the festival has such a long tradition, such artists have performed and I can say that it is an honor and a privilege for us to perform. The concert was really nice, first of all the audience felt it. We have been preparing for the concert for a long time with great enthusiasm and with a lot of love, and I hope that the audience also experienced it. I follow the Ohrid Summer Program every year, in my opinion this is one of the best European festivals in general, so quality and important artists and so perfectly organized, we simply can not be unhappy, says Naumovska.

Cabaret “Speak quietly” is designed to present all stages of the work of composer Kurt Weil, with a special emphasis on the works created before the departure from Germany, the works created during their stay in Paris and immediately after coming to America. Transparently thematic, stylish and harmonious, intertextual overlaps are noted on everything that Wail would call “life” for 60 minutes. Wile is one of the most important composers of music for a scene of the last century.