Concert of ZJM Big Band Orchestra in Ohrid Summer Festival

Within  the Ohrid Summer Festival program, tonight at Dolni Saraj starting at 20:30, a concert will be held by ZJM Big Band Orchestra. The Big Band, which has been working for more than a year within the Association of Jazz Musicians and Free Artists – ZJM Skopje, managed to attract the audience’s attention to jazz after the first appearance in December 2016. This band had its premiere performance in December, 2016 with a concert held in MOB, under the conduct of Austrian conductor Zigi Fajl, followed by several successful performances and concerts at the Viennese Ball in Skopje, Days of Macedonian Music, the manifestation Today is All Jazz.
The concert in Dolni Saraj will be performed under the conduct of Emin Jian. The Association of Jazz Musicians and Free Artists – ZJM – Skopje, through its activities and the work of the ZJM Big Band, continuously works on affirmation and popularization of the Macedonian jazz music in the country and abroad, as well as improving the status of jazz music in the country. The association is working on improving music production, advocating for education of young talents and enthusiasts, for affirmation of jazz music through organizing jazz festivals and events that will help to nourish jazz culture in Macedonia.
The Association is part of the most renowned jazz musicians from Macedonia, students and professors of jazz academies in Skopje and Stip, as well as free artists, lovers and helpers of this kind of art.