Pejoska and Klekachkoska-designers who made the invisible – visible

A collection of contemporary jewelry inspired by diatoms, an endemic kind of microscopic synthetic algae in the Ohrid Lake by designers Marta Pejoska and Bibi Klekachkoska was opened last night at the Ohrid Summer Festival. The exhibition titled “Hidden, Wonderful” is set in the Marta Pejoska Gallery.

It is a series of brooches made in various techniques and materials. Each piece is the product of the synergy and the joint experience of the designers of a particular diatomaceous kind. It is a limited edition of exclusive pieces, each of which is a product of long-lasting and thorough analysis.

-The Ohrid Lake is one of the oldest lakes in the world and is our invaluable natural treasure. It is rich in life and is our constant inspiration. This time we decided to dive deep and make the invisible visible. In our great joy, when we asked for help from the experts from the Hydrobiological Institute in Ohrid and the Institute of Biology at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics in Skopje, we came across wide open doors and piles of research materials and photographs. We fell in love with diatoms and that was it. We wanted to tell them about them in a different language, ours. This exhibition is just the beginning of this project, which at the same time is our modest contribution to increasing the awareness of our Lake and all its importance and beauty, says Pejoska.

The two jewelry designers have a modern approach to the traditional manufacturing technique.

One of the things that connects us is the modern approach to a traditional technique such as the filigree and constant search for new forms and materials with which this ancient technique would live its present. In this collection, our designed jewelry relies on the filigree technique, but in it is a highly recognizable ambition for modernity, which we both individually aim through our work and approach in designing, all these years, adds Pejoska.

Bibi Klekachkoska is a jewelry designer with more than two decades of work experience. Recognized as an avant-garde artist in the field of jewelery design and production, the pioneer of a new wave of revitalization and reinvention of traditional filigree arts says that he has always wanted to explore new techniques, materials and ways of joining ever seemingly incompatible.

-I have an inexhaustible desire to explore techniques and materials and ways of merging in some way seemingly incompatible. To create my own language with which I will tell about things that are interesting and exciting to me. Sometimes it’s a different processing of silver that is still my closest to work, some silk on which I draw and write, clay, lace, wool, wood … In modern jewelry there are no restrictions, so I have the freedom to combine. The preciousness of the piece of jewelry is reflected in his story, the concept, the feelings that he challenges the wearer, the sentimental connection, the message he communicates, explains Bibi Klekachkoska.

Marta Pejoska has the first private art gallery with studio for contemporary jewelry and filigree in Ohrid and Macedonia, in her possession.

– The way of presenting contemporary jewelry with exposure to a gallery is a long-standing practice everywhere in the world. An art gallery is actually a compliment to the work as well as to the author who is exposed in it. To my great admiration, my space is of great interest to both foreign and domestic audiences, and the idea of ​​owning a unique piece of jewelry, specially designed for the client is becoming more popular with us, explains the designer of jewelry Martha Pejoska.

Their research on the topic Ohrid and Lake Ohrid began in 2013, presented within the group exhibition “In the Blue I Lured you” within the frames of the “Ohrid Summer”. The current project “Hidden, Wonderful” is an in-depth study of the concrete, for what lies in the depths of the lake. Approximation of the discovery to the audience is performed in an interesting and conceptual manner, through a contemporary form of artistic jewelry.