Czech evening at “Ohrid Summer” with the string quartet “Wihan”

The traditional Czech night at the Ohrid Summer Festival will bring a concert by the Wihan Quartet. In the church “St. Sophia” tonight starting at 9 pm will perform the members of this ensemble violinists Leos Cepicki and Jan Sulmeister, Jakub Cepicki on viola and cellist Michal Kanka.

In 2015, the Vihan Quartet celebrated 30 years of existence and over the years has become one of the most recognized string quartets whose specialty is the performance of works from the Czech music treasury, as well as works from the classical, romantic and modern quartet repertoire. Their audio edition of Antonin Dvorak’s Opus 34 and Opus 105 was named “Record of the Year” by Musicweb International, while the BBC Classical Music Magazine recorded their recording of Op. 61 by Dvorak described it as “One of the best recorded performances of the work so far.” In 2012/2013, the Vihan Quartet was a resident ensemble of the Czech Classical Music Association at the Rudolfinum Concert Hall in Prague. They have won numerous awards at international competitions such as the “Prague Spring” and the “Chamber Festival” in Osaka, Japan. In 1991, the quartet won first prize and an audience award at the prestigious String Quartet Competition in London, after which they became a resident quartet at the Trinity-Laban Conservatory of Music and Dance in London.

In 2014, violinist Jiri Sigmund retired from the quartet, and in 2017, after 32 years of playing music, cellist Ales Casprik ended his career in the quartet. Their places in the ensemble are taken by the violinist Jakub Cepicky, son of the longtime violinist in the quartet – Leos Cepicky, and the renowned Czech cellist Michal Kanka.

The Czech evening is organized by the Ohrid Summer Festival in cooperation and with the support of the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Skopje.