“The girl with the strings” enriched the dramatic offer of “Ohrid Summer”

The theater performance “The girl with the strings” by Marjan Necak and Maja Hrbovic enriched the dramatic offer of the Ohrid Summer Festival last night. Coproduction project of the Slovenian National Theater CIS Drama Ljubljana and Movable Musical Theater from Bitola were played outdoors on the stage Dolni Saraj.

“The Witch Girl” is a play of freedom, the artist, many other intimate topics people have. The specific and complex drama told the story of the young violinist who sought his place under the European sky, and also included her unclean relationship with the father who was the first to prevent her from becoming a great violinist in the making of the dream.

The roles in this contemporary drama opera were played by Barbara Cerar, Uros Furst and Branko Sturbej.

The songs that were included in the play were in fact monologues, and the intimate drama, and gave a higher level of interpretation. According to the director and one of the authors of the play “The Little Girl with the Strings”, Marjan Necak, it is especially the feeling to play the performance at the “Ohrid Summer Festival” because, as he said, the concept of the festival itself is theater and music, and this project it has both of them.