“Hidden, wonderful” – experience of contemporary jewelry at the “Ohrid Summer”

An exhibition of jewelry titled “Hidden, Wonderful” by designers Marta Pejoska and Bibi Klekachkoska will be opened tonight at the Marta Pejoska Gallery in Ohrid, starting at 9 pm.

The exhibition is organized within the frames of the “Ohrid Summer” and visitors will be able to watch a collection of contemporary jewelry jointly designed by both established designers of filigree jewelry and one of the pioneers of the Macedonian contemporary jewelery scene.

Their research on the topic Ohrid and Lake Ohrid began in 2013, presented within the group exhibition “In the Blue I Lured you” within the frames of the “Ohrid Summer”. This year’s project “Hidden, Wonderful” is an in-depth study of the concrete, for what lies in the depths of the lake, in cooperation with the Hydrobiological Institute from Ohrid and prof. Dr. Zlatko Levkov, from the Institute of Biology at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics in Skopje. Approximation of the discovery to the audience is performed in an interesting and conceptual manner, through a contemporary form of artistic jewelry.

Diatoms are microscopic organisms, essential for many processes in the lake and beyond. Their many varieties in the structures are the field of the game that gives birth to new designs and a whole new line of expression. The final form is a concept for a new recognizable mark of the city of Ohrid and the lake.

Bibi Klekachkoska is a jewelry designer with more than 20 years of experience. Recognized as an avant-garde artist in the field of jewelery design and manufacture, a pioneer of the new wave of revitalization and reinvention of traditional filigree art, with great appetite for exploring and using new techniques, materials and approaches to artistic expression. In his work, he always successfully wraps the personal values ​​that result in creations with high artistic value, ergonomics, durability and above all timelessness. For her success and recognition in broader terms, her participation in the most famous jewelry shows in Europe is also evident. Only in the last year, its portfolio includes SIERAAD in Amsterdam, MINHEN JEWELLERY WEEK in Munich and AUTOR in Bucharest.

Marta Pejoska is an architect of jewelry that preserves a small but significant part of the Macedonian cultural heritage, the filigree technique, by giving her a new, modern expression of filigree jewelry, and thus aspiring to its modernization. This ambition leads to her personal growth and development as an artist, with a particular emphasis on contemporary artistic jewelry and design. All this in 2014 resulted in the opening of the first private art gallery with atelier for contemporary jewelry and filigree in Ohrid and Macedonia, in its possession, as a significant contribution to the continuous development of the Macedonian stage for contemporary jewelry. Participation in international events and various projects in the field of creative industries and the protection of cultural heritage speak even more about its activity and success.

The exhibition “Hidden, Wonderful” will be open to visitors until July 30th.